3 Twins prospects who won't make the Opening Day roster, 2 who still have a chance

The youth movement could get started early this year for the Twins.

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Brooks Lee, 2B/SS

Hype built pretty quickly for Brooks Lee being part of the 26-man Opening Day roster, which is more of a testament to how he's exceeded expectations at every turn so far in his career.

Lee hasn't yet made his MLB debut but it feels like a certainty that it happens at some point this season. It being on Opening Day seemed like a long shot until Derek Falvey started praising him ahead of Spring Training in a way that suggested he might get fast tracked.

Manuel Margot's arrival slows the pace a bit, as the Twins will need to find a roster spot for him before thinking about one for Lee. Austin Martin also feels like he's further ahead in line that Lee, but we still have a month to see how where the chips fall.

Chances are that Lee's shot at making the Opening Day roster evaporated once Margot entered the picture. His most likely path now seems to be as a replacement for someone the Twins need to place on the IL. That's how Edouard Julien made his debut last season, replacing Joey Gallo early in the season, and he never left the MLB roster after that.

Lofty -- albeit exciting -- expectations that he'll debut on Opening Day seem less likely than they did when everyone reported to camp.

Chances of making Opening Day roster: Slimmer than they initially seemed, but still possible