Minnesota Twins promotions 2023: Here’s every giveaway and how to get tickets

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
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A new season means a fresh slate of Minnesota Twins promotions for fans to get excited about.

There’s already plenty to get excited about in terms of the team, as the return of Carlos Correa has reignited hope that next season will finally end differently than the last 32 seasons have. The Twins are in the midst of a 18-year playoff drought; not that they haven’t made the postseason rather they haven’t won a single game in October since 2004.

Minnesota beat the Yankees 2-0, in the Bronx, on October 5, 2004. That’s when the clocks stopped, because the Twins have since lost 18 consecutive playoff games, five playoff series, and one single-elimination Wild Card game.

Five of those series defeats have come at the hands of the hated New York Yankees — including the aforementioned 2004 ALDS — with losses to the A’s and Astros tossed in for good measure.

Whoa, that was a dark wormhole to get sucked down. But it highlights just how little there’s been to get excited about in Minnesota over the last three decades since the 1991 World Series. Ticket promotions don’t erase the pain, but they definitely smooth it and give fans a reason to come out to the ballpark.

This year, however, the promotions are coupled with a team that legitimately has a chance to end that playoff losing streak and restore some hope. Twins fans are used to lining up for bobble heads, but this season the real perk might be watching the product on the field.

Minnesota Twins Promotions 2023: How to buy tickets?

The Twins will have 34 games wil promotions or giveaways this season, which counts for just under half of their games. This pertains only to promos that are strictly game-exclusive giveaways, and not things like Meal Deals or other Ballpark gimmicks.

Fans can purchase tickets a number of different ways, including through the team’s official ticket system. It’s important to note that special tickets do not need to be purchased for any of the promos this year. Unlike years past, where ticket packages needed to be purchased to get things like unique theme jerseys, fans can get their tickets on secondary markets like StubHub and TickPick and still get whatever promo is being given away that night.

With that said, let’s dive into every single giveaway and promotion the Twins are having this year at Target Field. We listed out which games have promos, what the promo is, and how difficult it might be to secure the freebie.