Ranking 4 most likely potential Minnesota Twins postseason opponents right now

It's time to start thinking about how the Twins stack up against potential competition in October.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages
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Playoff Record: 4-1. . . 39. . . 2023 Record: 3-3. 1. . Toronto

Just about everybody who could come out of the AL East this year is a tough matchup for the Twins, except the Yankees who are currently in the gutter. Of course, with the Twins luck the Yankees would still find a way to beat them in the postseason even though they've been so bad this year.

The Blue Jays are firmly the second-best team in the division and similarly to Boston they're getting hot at the right time. Toronto has the best ERA in the American League which is big trouble for Twins bats that have been known to go ice cold and dead silent at the plate this year.

What the Twins have going for them is their three wins against Toronto came in games where Sonny Gray, Pablo Lopez, and Joe Ryan pitched. The Blue Jays only beat Minnesota in games that Louie Varland and Bailey Ober started, neither of who are expected to be on the rubber as starters in the Wild Card.

One of those losses featured an Emilio Pagan meltdown where he allowed three runs, and even he has started to get a handle on harnessing his own chaos.

Had Minnesota's offense shown up in those losses the way it's shown an ability to, perhaps things break the other way. Pitching seems to be shored up, but the Twins offense has always been a hinge that the postseason swings on. For what it's worth, Minnesota has scored 28 runs against Toronto this season, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that they can have the Blue Jays number in a short series.

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