Twins reveal Dick Bremer's replacement as new play-by-play announcer

It was an obvious choice, and the twins nailed it.
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While there are plenty of moves that need to happen on the field for the Minnesota Twins, one of the first big decisions came outside of the clubhouse.

The Twins kicked off things off this winter by announcing that Dick Bremer would no longer be the team's play-by-play announcer on television broadcasts. It ended a four-decade run for Bremer who had become the voice of the Twins for generations of fans throughout the years.

It was a messy ending, as all indications seem to be that it was not a mutual decision and Bremer was forced out by the team. Something hanging over the entire offseason is the drama with Bally Sports North and Diamond Sports Group being unable to pay teams the revenue they're owed. This has impacted the payroll situation, but it's also created some uncertainty about how Twins games will be broadcast moving forward.

Wherever the Twins do end up on television -- or streaming -- the team will have a new voice in the booth. On Friday the team officially revealed its plan, which confirmed one of the worst kept secrets of the offseason.

Who is the Minnesota Twins new play-by-play announcer?

As expected, the Twins have picked Cory Provus to replace Bremer in the booth, with Kris Atteberry stepping up as the new radio announcer for the team.

Losing Bremer as the voice of the Twins was a blow, but this is the best possible way for the team to rebound and give fans something to rejoice over. Provus has quickly developed into a fan favorite with his high-energy radio calls and deeply informative broadcasts. He was sort of soft launched last season when he filled in for Bremer, who was out with COVID, and that test run was all the confirmation the team needed to know.

As for Provus' replacement, longtime Twins Radio staple Kris Atteberry is getting called up to the Big League's. He's also filled in on radio broadcasts over the last two decades, and has worked as the connective tissue between two different eras. Atteberry began working for the Twins when Jon Gordon was still the radio announcer and know gets to usher in a third era for the crew as the man in the the lead chair.

It's well deserved bumps for everyone, as Provus gets elevated to an even greater position and Atteberry gets to culminate years of hard work with becoming the third radio announcer for the Twins since Herb Carneal had the gig.

The Twins are entering a new era, and it's going to sound as good as it looks.

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