Twins acquire Manuel Margot from Dodgers: Full details and grade

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Just when you thought the Minnesota Twins were done making moves, they go out and pull off a trade.

On Monday the Twins acquired outfielder Manuel Margot from the Los Angeles Dodgers, seemingly plugging a hole in centerfield and adding the right-handed hitter they've long been rumored to be seeking.

Margot comes from the Dodgers but the last action he saw was in October with the Tampa Bay Rays. He was traded to Los Angeles as part of the Tyler Glasnow trade -- which also means this is as close as Minnesota is going to come to a trade for a front-line starter.

It's not the flashiest move in the world, but it does a number of things to help the team's depth situation and doesn't come at a terribly steep price. Minnesota is also acquiring prospect Rayne Doncon, but is giving up former No. 36 overall pick Noah Miller to make it all happen.

Twins acquire Manuel Margot from Dodgers: Full details and grade

Manuel Margot trade

Trade Grade: B-

The price being paid seems like a lot more than it is on the surface. Miller was a first round comp pick back in 2021, and was the team's No. 23 overall prospect in last year' MLB Pipeline rankings. While he might have a bright future, it probably wasn't going to be in Minnesota where the Twins are preparing to deal with a logjam of infield talent.

Miller is on track to make his beut in 2025, but by then the Twins will have Brooks Lee on the MLB roster with guys like Austin Martin, Edouard Julien, Royce Lewis, and a guy by the name of Carlos Correa all needing to find ways into the lineup.

Lee is getting looks at shortstop this spring, and Martin is able to play there as well. Beyond that the Twins might bring back Kyle Farmer in 2025 which further clogs things up for Miller.

Adding Margot solves way more immediate problems than anything Miller might be able to do down the road. He'll platoon out in center with Byron Buxton, essentially eliminating the possibility of a reunion with Michael A. Taylor. Another guy to keep an eye on with this trade is Martin, who is expected to be in the running for an Opening Day roster spot but might get bumped by Margot -- who not only plays the role he would but needs a 26-man roster spot.

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