Minnesota Twins offensive struggles have finally cost a starter his roster spot

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

There’s no delicate way to put it: the Minnesota Twins offense stinks right now.

For as much fire power as they have, the Death Star is far from fully operational and its true power has yet to be unleashed. Carlos Correa is the headliner in this festival of struggles, as he’s slashing an absolutely miserable .185/.261/.363 which is magnified by his $200 million contract he signed this winter.

It’s not just Correa who is slumping, as the entire Twins offense is failing to pull its weight despite getting consistently stellar performances from the starting pitching staff. Tuesday night against the Padres was a prime example of that, as Louie Varland pitched six innings while giving up just one run on five hits and striking out six batters. That performance was greeted with silent bats which ultimately resulted in a 6-1 loss.

Something needs to happen, and the Twins are beginning to make moves to try and correct things before they get out of control.

Minnesota Twins send Jose Miranda to minors amid offensive struggles

Jose Miranda has been struggling almost as badly as Correa has, and he’s the first domino to fall in the Twins strategy to get the offense right again.

Aaccording to LaVelle E. Neal, and later confirmed by the team, Minnesota is sending Miranda down to Triple-A St. Paul. It’s a move that is both a reaction to the Twins offensive struggles and one to hopefully help a key member of the team’s core get things right at the plate.

Brandon Warne from Access Twins and Locked On Twins put it perfectly when reacting to the news (and mindfully watching what fans are saying). Rather than view this as a punishment for Miranda, it’s a chance for him to take a step back and get himself back on track.

Miranda is an important part of the Twins future, and this slump he’s in hardly defines him. It’s the same thing that’s happening with Correa, where the struggles at the plate are obviously not great but the season is only two months old.

There’s time for these things to be ironed out, and optioning Miranda to the Saints is simply what’s needed right now.

He’ll be back, but there shouldn’t be a rush him back on to the 26-man roster until he bat starts to heat up. That’s the version of Miranda the Twins need, and he’s one hot streak away from both getting back on track and making these current struggles nothing more than a blip.