Edouard Julien named a Top 10 player in latest MLB ranking

Another rising Twins star is getting his flowers after an impressive rookie season.
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
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It seems like the season just ended, but we're under a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting Spring Training. The clock is ticking for the Minnesota Twins to make a move, which is unfortunately how almost every conversation around them is prefaced, but it's not the only conversation worth having.

At the trade deadline last year Minnesota stood pat and didn't cough up any meaningful piece of the farm system to add any pieces. Part of that was due to the aftershock of two big swings from 2022 completely missing, but another part was rooted in how good the front office belived the roster already was.

Minnesota experienced a youth movement last year that saw rookies like Royce Lewis and Edouard Julien rise to the occassion and become impact players. When the Twins were struggling to get anything going offensively during the summer, it was the bats of Lewis and Julien that woke everyone up and helped carry the team into October.

As a result, the national media is starting to pay very close attention to what the Twins have cooking in Minnesota.

Edouard Julien ranked as a top second baseman in MLB

MLB Network is buzzing through its offseason rankings position-by-position, and it didn't take long for the Twins to make an apperance. Specifically, the rookie season that Edouard Julien put together not only stood out but has him ranked among the Top 10 second baseman in all of baseball.

Julien ranks No. 8, just a few spots behind former Twins star Luis Arraez and is officially in the same conversation as guys like Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts, and Marcus Seimien.

No matter your feelings on offseason rankings, it absolutely rules to see Julien alongside some of the names on this list. Not only that, but to see the Twins being elevated into this sort of a spotlight during the offseason is pretty cool, as it shows that their run in October stuck is earning Minnesota some respect at the top level.

What they do with that and what happens next is of the utmost importance. The Twins have a chance to solidify themselves as true contenders in the American League, which is why the lack of offseason moves is particularly frustrating. A frugal franchise reeling in its spending a year after the most successful postseason run since 2002 -- and with a seemingly wide open path to own the AL Central -- is a tough look, but it's not the end of the world.

Minnesota absolutely need to add some pieces before Opening Day, and meaingful additions at that, but Julien ranking as Top 10 second baseman in the league is a reminder of how strong the foundation already in place is.

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