Twins did right by Dick Bremer during Target Field home opener ceremony

After replacing him following a 40 year career, the Twins did right by Dick Bremer at the home opener.
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For the first time in four decades, Minnesota Twins broadcasts sound a little different than they used to.

Last fall the Twins announced that Dick Bremer would be stepping away from the booth, ending 40 year run as the play-by-play voice of the team. You have to go back to the 1980s for the last time Bremer wasn't a consistent presence around the team, and he guided generations of Twins fans through some of the best and worst days in franchise history.

His tenure came to a bit of a messy end, as it appears Bremer was pushed out by the team and the decision for him to step away wasn't mutual. At the time, even fans who weren't that fond of Bremer continuing to call games felt like he deerved a farewell tour, but the team instead moved to replace him with radio announcer Cory Provus.

That thankfully wasn't the last chapter, though.

Twins did right by Dick Bremer during Target Field home opener ceremony

Among the ceremonies at this year's home opener at Target Field, the Twins spent time paying tribute to Bremer and his career with the team. In fact, a pretty large portion of the pregame festivities were dedicated to Bremer and honoring all that he did and meant to the Twins and their fans.

Before the game the Twins revealed that the TV booth at Target Field was being renamed in Bremer's honor. A small ceremony was held that included Bremer and his family, with a plaque being unveiled to make things official and codify his place in team history.

The Bally Sports North broadcast also aired a tribute package of Bremer's best moments and a sweet message about the hard work he put in over the last 40 years.

As a final gesture, the Twins brought Bremer out to throw the ceremonial first pitch of the game. He tossed it to none other than Hall of Famer Joe Mauer -- and he made sure to give a left-handed toast before throwing a strike.

Given the way things ended last fall, this could have all gone a lot differently. The Twins also didn't have to do much of anything to honor Bremer, but went out of their way to not only pay tribute to his career but ensure that he's always part of the team's history.

That says a lot, and goes to show just how much he's meant to everyone over the years. Minnesota did right by Bremer the way a franchise icon like him deserved.

The end was always going to come at some point, and while its actual arrival was uncomfortable the lasting memories of Bremer in the booth will be how we remember him. Rather than having the way things ended last fall be the final chapter, the send off during the home opener will be how we all choose to remember how Bremer rode off into the sunset -- with one final left-handed toast to Twins Territory.

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