After another blown lead, it’s time for the Twins to DFA Emilio Pagan

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

There’s no delicate or elegant way to get into this: Emilio Pagán has outstayed his welcome with the Minnesota Twins.

Yet another Pagán appearance ended with a blown lead late in a game the Twins otherwise could have won. On Sunday in Toronto the Twins offense sprung to life by rocking the Blue Jays with five runs before everyone could get settled in their seats.

Everything was going right for an offense that has largely been holding the Twins back recently. Royce Lewis, Carlos Correa, Edouard Julien, Donovan Solano, and Alex Kirilloff all got the offense rolling before the first inning was over, and Minnesota’s lead grew to 6-1 by the fifth inning.

Then it all came crashing down.

It wasn’t all Emilio Pagan’s fault, but he’s rightfully bearing the brunt of the blame for one of the more embarassing meltdown’s we’ve seen from the Twins this season. Louie Varland started to come apart in the fifth, shrinking Minnesota’s lead to 6-4 before getting pulled. Both Jovani Moran and Griffin Jax managed to hold the Blue Jays off until the eighth inning happened.

That’s when Pagán entered the game and things went off the rails.

Like clockwork, Pagán entered the game and promptly gave up three runs and the lead. Minnesota once again lost as a direct result of Pagán failing to do the only job he has to do.

An alternate title for this post could have been something along the lines of stats that prove Emilio Pagán needs to be DFA’d, but that would border on becoming a novel given how much there is to bury him with.

This pretty much says it all, though:

There’s really no reason for Pagán to be on the the team taking up a roster spot any longer. There was a mild case to be made that he might be able to bounce back but at this point we’ve seen enough to know that he is who is is.

Maybe Pagán lands somewhere else and finds himself again, but it’s become painful obvious that it’s not going to happen in Minnesota and we’re all wasting our time — and chances to win games — by continuing this charade.

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