How confident should Twins fans be that Minnesota can take over the AL Central?

While the team isn’t in first place, Twins fans have plenty of reason for optimism.
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees / Luke Hales/GettyImages

It's easy to point at this year’s version of the Minnesota Twins and say "What happened?" compared to the way 2023 ended. Peeling back the onion a little bit exposes a little bit of a different freshness — an oddness that perfectly matches the Twins aura.

Last year at this time the Twins weren't even a .500 team through June with a 41-42 record. As of now the Twins sit 6 games over .500 mark.

Realistically can the Twins catch the Guardians? It appears that will be a tough climb but it's possible if they hit a lull. With the way Cleveland is pitching, the more realistic scenario is that of a wild card for Minnesota. The team may look to a trade to bolster their line up. It’s easy to believe, though, that the Twins will look in-house for the fixes to the roster this season and fans will have to stick with what they’ve got.

The plan to this point has been to make hay against the weaker teams of MLB and tread water with the front runners. This formula may be good enough to get the Twins at least a seat at the playoff table.

Checking in on the confidence level of the Minnesota Twins right now

WIll they be good enough to make a run, though?

There have been some encouraging signs the past couple weeks to suggest they might be able to. Royce Lewis is back and after missing the first few months and looks like an MVP candidate. All the Twins need is for Royce to be Royce — and most importantly remain healthy — and the team is instantly a handful of wins better than they were before.

It’s not just Lewis giving Twins fans hope. Carlos Santana has seems to have finally begin finding his power. If this trend continues, he has the power potential to be a difference maker in the lineup. Aside from the offense, Jhoan Duran seems to be coming around after a bit of a rocky start and Griffin Jax continues to look like one of the best relievers in baseball.

Catching Cleveland is all that matters right now, but there’s plenty of time for the pieces in Minnesota to come together. With a better record than last year and some vets getting hot, fans may just get a more entertaining summer of ball than what is there ar first glance.

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