What games will Minnesota Twins wear their City Connect 'Ripple Effect' jersey?

  • Twins will wear their City Connect 'Ripple Effect' uniforms 11 times
  • The first two games are June 14th and 15th
  • Here's everything to know

Monday was a big day for the Minnesota Twins. Not only was the team returning home after an explosive series finale against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Twins revealed City Connect uniforms for the first time in franchise history.

We've known for a while that the Twins were among the new group of teams being added to the annual tradition, but it wasn't until Monday morning that we finally got to see what they'd look like. For as strange and out there as they are, it's hard to argue against the Twins having nailed it.

City Connect uniforms are inherently weird, but the Twins were able to strike the balance between embracing that spirit while also putting some great thought into how to connect them to Minnesota pride.

The blue on the uniforms represent the 10,000 lakes, the yellow is the sun reflecting off the water, there's the North Star in there (because of course), and even a subtle reference to Prince. The hats seem to have been met with overwhelming approval, so at the very least there's that.

Now that we know what the uniforms look like, the next question is when will the Twins wear them?

Minnesota Twins City Connect schedule for 2024

After revealing the new Ripple Effect uniform, the Twins announced that it would be worn 11 times this season. Each game will either be a Friday or Saturday game and all of them will be spread out over the next three months.

Here's the full Minnesota Twins Ripple Effect uniform schedule:



Friday. June 14th

vs. Oakland A's

Saturday, June 15th

vs. Oakland A's

Friday, July 5th

vs. Houston Astros

Saturday, July 6th

vs. Houston Astros

Saturday, July 20th

vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Friday, August 2nd

vs. Chicago White Sox

Friday, August 9th

vs. Cleveland Guardians

Friday, August 23rd

vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Friday, August 30th

vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, September 13th

vs. Cincinnati Reds

Friday, September 27th

vs. Baltimore Orioles

There's only one Friday game in August this year that won't feature the City Connect uniforms, and the Twins are working it into the jersey rotation for the final home series of the year in late September.

While this could make for an excuse to have an awesome uniform matchup, teams only wear their City Connects at home. That means we won't get to see the Reds bust out their cool black uniforms against the Ripple Effects, even though that would be an absolute beauty to watch.

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