2024 Minnesota Twins Opening Day roster projection 2.0: How does Manuel Margot fit?

Now that it appears the Twins are done adding players, here's how the Opening Day roster might shape up.

2024 Minnesota Twins Spring Training
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The latest, and likely final, addition to the Twins roster is Manuel Margot and his arrival has a major impact on the projected Opening Day roster.

Before Minnesota traded for Margot it looked like Austin Martin might in line to get a roster spot but that no longer seems to be the case. Margot checks every box that Martin did and the fact that the Twins absorbed part finagled a way to get his deal mostly paid for shows that they plan on using him to platoon with Byron Buxton out in centerfield.

Derek Falvey has also stated that Margot could be used as depth behind Matt Wallner and Max Kepler, which further pushes Martin's timeline for hitting the Majors back. He'll almost certainly get called up at some point this year but it won't be as soon as it initially seemed.

As for the guys who are going to be on the 26-man roster, everything hinges on whether Buxton can bounce back the way he's teased. From his emphatic statements at TwinsFest to seeing him back in the field for the first time since 2022, things seem to be lining up for a bounce-back season. Both Buxton and the Twins need it to happen, as he's one of the biggest hits on a tight payroll and is an MVP-caliber player when fully healthy.

Having Buxton back makes everyone's life easier, and but the Twins have backup plans in Margot, Martin, and possibly even Emmanuel Rodriguez if things go off the rails again this season.

On the bubble:

  • Austin Martin, CF/2B
  • Trevor Larnach, LF
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF

Trevor Larnach is sort of in a Jose Miranda spot where he's been boxed out of the starting left field role but could see himself called up as depth at some point this seaosn. E-Rod is a long shot, but he's right there alongside Brooks Lee as one of the team's most exciting young prospects that everyone will keep an eye on possibly making his debut this year.

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