Minnesota Twins 2023 Draft Picks Signing Tracker: Signing bonus, signing deadline

Here is a look at which Minnesota Twins draft picks have signed and for how much
Aug 28, 2022; Phoenix, Arizona, US; East outfielder Walker Jenkins (6) during the Perfect Game
Aug 28, 2022; Phoenix, Arizona, US; East outfielder Walker Jenkins (6) during the Perfect Game / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the second half of the 2023 season underway, the Minnesota Twins still have some loose ends to tie up in the wake of the 2023 MLB Draft. The Twins managed to put together one of the deepest draft classes this year headlined by fifth overall pick, Walker Jenkins. Now, there is the "simple" matter of getting all of these guys actually signed and put to work in the minor leagues.

The Twins have the fourth highest bonus pool in the league in 2023 at $14,345,600 and while Jenkins is not going to be cheap, we can expect the Twins to be signing a fair number of overslot picks this year. The Twins moved very quickly to sign most of their top 10 round picks other than Jenkins and Soto which is good news since those picks are the ones with slots that are tallied up to make a significant chunk of a team's bonus pool.

Which Minnesota Twins draft picks have signed and for how much?

In the section below, you will find every player the Minnesota Twins drafted this year along with notes on whether it is known if they have signed and, as the information become public knowledge, how much they signed for. Signing details and updates tend to come in inconsistent bursts leading up to the signing deadline on July 25th, but we will be updating this tracker at least once a day to reflect the most up-to-date information possible.

1. Walker Jenkins, OF, South Brunswick HS - Signed: $7,144,200 (Slot value: $7,139,700)

CBA. Charlee Soto, RHP, Reborn Christian Academy - Signed: $2,481,400 (Slot value: $2,481,400)

2. Luke Keaschall, 2B, Arizona State - Signed: $1,500,000 (Slot value: $1,741,500)

3. Brandon Winokur, OF, Edison HS - Signed: $1,500,000 (Slot value: $859,700)

4. Tanner Hall, RHP, Southern Mississippi - Signed: $510,000 (Slot value: $586,000)

5. Dylan Questad, RHP, Waterford HS - Signed: $500,000 (Slot value: $412,600)

6. Jay Harry, SS, Penn State - Signed: $175,000 (Slot value: $322,900)

7. Nolan Santos, RHP, Bethune-Cookman University - Signed: $75,000 (Slot value: $252,500)

8. Jace Stoffal, RHP, Oregon - Signed: $150,000 (Slot value: $202,200)

9. Jack Dougherty, RHP, Ole Miss - Signed: $160,000 (Slot value: $179,000)

10. Ross Dunn, LHP, Arizona State - Signed: $150,000 (Slot value: $168,100)

11. Ty Langenberg, RHP, Iowa - Signed: $150,000

12. Paulshawn Pasqualotto, RHP, California - Signed: $150,000

13. Jeremy Lee, RHP, University of Southern Alabama - Signed: $150,000

14. Xander Hamilton, RHP, Appalachian State - Signed: $100,000

15. Spencer Bengard, RHP, California Baptist - Signed: $100,000

16. Anthony Silvas, RHP, Riverside CC - Signed: $100,000

17. Kade Bragg, LHP, Angelo State - Signed: $100,000

18. Hector Garcia Jr., RHP, Hope International - Signed: $50,000

19. Sam Parker, 1B, Kennesaw Mountain High - Unsigned

20. Ashton Larson, OF, St. Thomas Aquinas High - Unsigned