4 Twins players who were inexcusably snubbed from MLB All-Star roster

Carlos Correa is the only Twins player heading to the All-Star Game, which makes this year's snubs sting even more.
Joe Ryan was among the Minnesota Twins players who got snubbed from being selected to this year's MLB All-Star game.
Joe Ryan was among the Minnesota Twins players who got snubbed from being selected to this year's MLB All-Star game. / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Jose Miranda, 3B

Recency bias colors this snub, but it's hard to deny how great Jose Miranda has been this year. Not only that, but the way he's completely redeemed himself after a brutal season in 2023 is something that should have helped his All-Star narrative.

There's no nice way to put it: Miranda was abysmal last season. He hit .211/.263/.303 in 40 games and lost his starting job halfway through the year. He was supposed to be in the mix as the team's everyday third baseman but his downfall coincided with the emergence of Royce Lewis, which seemed like a nail in his coffin.

Rather than pack it in, Miranda worked his way back to the Twins roster and into a meaningful role moving forward.

His historic hitting heater -- that he's still on -- is the extreme end of his resurgence, but Miranda's offense has been an important part of Minnesota's attack all season. Since the start of his streak, Miranda is batting .687 with a 1.767 OPS, but he's hitting .340/.386/.545 since the start of May when it was clear he was a regular part of the lineup.

Getting an All-Star nod wouldn't have just been a coronation, it would have been well-deserved.

Willi Castro, UT

Much like Griffin Jax, who also lacks national attention, Willi Castro has quietly become one of the best players on the Twins roster this season.

He's slashing .272/.359/.441, which is the second-highest mark of his career and we're only halfway through the season. Castro's offense has been a revelation for Minnesota this year, but he's also played all over the field and truly embodied the spirit of the old piranha days of the 2000s.

There's been a reliablity to Castro's glove that has made him an important piece of the defensive alignment, which in comination with his hot bat has made him incredibly valuable to the way the team was able to turn things around starting in May. Over the last month Castro is hitting 306/.409/.500 with a .909 OPS and has firmly become Minnesota's leadoff hitter.

Not many could have predicted this sort of thing before the season, as Castro has been one of the best surprise stars of the season so far for the Twins.

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