Luis Arraez shouted out a former Twins teammate after hitting for cycle

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies
Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

We're only a month into the new MLB season but it seems one storyline is mostly wrapped up.

Any questions about whether the Twins or Marlins won their offseason trade have been answered in short order. Both Luis Arraez and Pablo Lopez have been phenomenal with their new teams, and it seems to be consensus that both teams came out of the deal as winners.

Look no further than what happened on April 11th for proof. On that night, Lopez threw 10 strikeouts and sent down 23 straight White Sox batters, while Arraez hit for the cycle.

While it was great to see Lopez have that sort of performance, especially against a division rival, it's hard to argue against Arraez having the better night. He made history in becoming the first player in Marlins history to hit for the cycle, and it had fans in Miami and Minnesota both giving him a round of applause.

Luis Arraez credits former Twins teammate after hitting for cycle

Arraez wasn't the only one getting praise for what happened, though.

After hitting for the cycle against the Phillies, Arraez gave a shout-out to an old Twins teammate for helping him make history. Credit apparently, at least partially, goes to Nelson Cruz who has continued to mentor Arraez even after they both left Minnesota.

"I said he's got to call me every day, because when he called me [pregame Tuesday], I did something good," Arraez told "He didn't call me [Wednesday], and I got only one hit. But I'm happy when I do something good and I give [the credit] to him. He's like my brother. Everything I do here is thanks to him, because he helped me a lot. He supports me a lot, he [told] me about how I need a clear routine."

How cool is that?

Arraez might not play in Minnesota anymore, but there's nothing but love for him in Twins Territory. He gave an emotional speech of appreciation for fans when speaking with Bally Sports North back when the Twins visited the Marlins earlier this year, and those same fans took a break from watching their team to give Arraez his flowers when he hit for the cycle.

Hearing him not only shout out fans but recall former teammates as still having an impact on him goes to show how special of a place Minnesota is for players. It's a feeling that's not exclusive to Arraez; earlier this month Eddie Rosario credited his time with the Twins for helping him figure out an opposing pitcher and hit a game-winning home run.