Latest MLB Mock Draft has the Twins adding a big bat to a crowded outfield situation

Not unlike the logjam we saw in the infield, the Twins could create a similar challenge in the outfield after the MLB Draft.
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It seems there's always an eye on the future with the Minnesota Twins, whether it be kicking the can down the road at the trade deadline or cowering in fear at the first sight of potential lost revenue.

That last one killed Minnesota's momentum this winter, and the team is only just now slowly getting it back. The Twins have always been a frugal franchise, which is why so much emphasis always get placed on how young players can offset future free agent costs.

Next month the MLB Draft will take place in Fort Worth, Texas during the All-Star Break, which means there's plenty of time to wonder what the Twins will do with the 21st pick. Mock Draft SZN isn't quite what it is in baseball as it is in sports like football and basketball, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to parse through and get excited about as the draft nears.

Latest MLB Mock Draft has the Twins adding a big bat to a crowded outfield situation

MLB Pipeline's Jonathan Mayo released his latest mock draft and has the Twins adding a powerful college bat to the farm system. LSU's Tommy White is predicted to be Minnesota's pick, which doesn't mean much this far out from the draft but is notable in terms of starting to collect some intel on who might be the pick in a month.

"There are those who prefer White over someone like, say, Tibbs, because he has the chance to stick on the dirt at third. A total of 75 homers in three collegiate seasons is nothing to sneeze at," Mayo wrote.

Mayo is referring to Florida State outfielder James Tibbs, who he has going No. 12 overall to the Boston Red Sox. For what it's worth, White is the No. 15 overall prospect on's big board, which is the sort of value the Twins would be getting with the No. 21 pick.

As far as what White would bring to Minnesota, he's been on an absolute tear so far this season for the Tigers. He's hitting .337/.412/.675 with a 1.086 OPS, all of which is actually down from where he was the last few years. In 2023 White finished the season slashing .377/.435/.729 with a 1.164 OPS and 105 RBI.

He's already matched his home run total year-over-year, launching 24 of them this season which is just three shy of his career-high.

Minnesota hit the jackpot a year ago with Walker Jenkins, but White is a college prospect who is much further long in his potential development. Where the Twins likely won't see Jenkins int he majors until at least 2026, White could make an impact much sooner and add to an already growing problem that the Twins are likely happy to have.

Max Kepler's future is uncertain, as he's in a contract season and playing well enough that he might price himself out of Minnesota's frugal range.

Emmanuel Rodriguez is the next top outfielding prospect set to make his debut, and the Twins also have DaShawn Keirsey making a serious case for himself at Triple-A. Jenkins rounds out the trio but White might be on a timeline that sees him in the same lineup as those other two guys as well as a mix of Byron Buxton, Austin Martin, Trevor Larnach, and Matt Wallner.

All of this could lead to a situation not unlike what the Twins just dealt with in the infield with a logjam of players making Jorge Polanco expendable.

It's a good spot to be in, and part of why White would be an intriguing prospect for the Twins to take a chance on as it keeps building for the future.

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