Former Twins pitcher Jorge López got DFA'd by Mets after an absolutely wild tirade

Jorge López went scorched earth on Wednesday night after getting ejected for arguing with an umpire.
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It's been a strange and wild journey for former All-Star closer Jorge López over the last two years. The Minnesota Twins landed him in a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline back in 2022, only to watch him regress so agressively that he wasn't even on the team a full calendar year later.

Minnesota traded López to the Miami Marlins last July less than a year after he was acquired, and he didn't last long in his new stint. Less than a month later López was DFA'd by the Marlins and picked back up by the Baltimore Orioles, the team Minnesota originally made a deal with.

López was an All-Star when the Twins traded for him but he struggled to regain that level of success. The New York Mets decided to give him a chance this offseason and signed him to a deal that eventually saw him make the 26-man roster, but Wednesday night saw the end of the journey in absolutely spectacular fashion.

Jorge López got DFA'd by Mets after an absolutely wild tirade

First, López was ejected from the game on Wednesday after arguing with the third base umpire. As he was leaving the field, López launched his glove into the stands and stormed into the Mets' clubhouse.

That was the least strange thing that happened, as things went to a totally different level after the game.

López was asked if he regretted throwing his glove, essentially giving him a chance to walk back what happened and save some face. Not only did he refused to take the opportunity to apologize, he seemingly doubled down by calling out the entire Mets organization.

But wait, there's more.

English isn't López's first language so there was some confusion over whether he meant to call the Mets the worst team or if he was calling himself the worst teammate for his actions. When he was asked to clarify who he was calling out, López again doubled down and said that both statements were true.

Needless to say, the Mets announced not long after all this happened that López was being DFA'd.

To be clear, López seems to be calling himself out as much as he's calling out the Mets -- assuming that's what he was doing. There's conflicting information about what the intent of his statement was but either way the situation is ending with the Mets moving on from the former All-Star.

There's an element of awesomeness in López calling the Mets out, but it's also concerning given his struggles in the past. While with the Twins, López needed to step away from the team to take care of his mental health amid an absolutely brutal streak, something he's been open about.

Even if he wasn't calling out the Mets, there's a hanful of other things about López's tirade that could be pointed to for the reason he was DFA'd. Going scorched earth on your team and/or teammates is one thing, but the throwing his glove into the stands after arguing with an umpire is worthy of demotion alone.

López has proven to be a phenomenal pitcher in the past, and here's to hoping he can once again regain that footing after yet another bump in the road.

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