Johan Santana threw out the first pitch of Game 3 in a Pablo Lopez jersey

What an incredible moment.
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three / David Berding/GettyImages

Among the many amazing storylines to follow during this incredible Minnesota Twins postseason run, something involvong Pablo Lopez has taken center stage on more than one occasion.

Lopez pitched an absolute gem in Game 2 on Sunday in Houston, shutting the Astros down by shutting them out through seven innings of work. It was the type of ace performance that Twins fans have dreamed about but never thought they'd ever see -- let alone see it in October.

It was his second start of the postseason, as Lopez pitched Game 1 of the streak-snapping AL Wild Card in last week. He had already pitched his way into the hearts of Twins fans, but it could be argued that he's been the heart and soul of the postseason run so far both on and off the mound.

Lopez showed up to his Game 1 start wearing the uniform of his childhood hero, Twins legend Johan Santana. More than once the comparrison has been made between the two pitchers, as it seems Lopez has officially taken the torch from Santana to become the franchise's next ace.

The love affair apparently goes both ways, which is something we found out ahead of Game 3 on Tuesday in the absolute coolest possible way.

Watch Johan Santana throw out first pitch of Game 3 in a Pablo Lopez jersey

Johan was on hand at Target Field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch ahead of Game 3. In one of the coolest plot twists yet this October, he took off his jacket to reveal that he was wearing a Pablo Lopez jersey.

As you'd expect Target Field erupted.

Johan was paying the tribute back to Pablo for showing up in his jersey ahead of Game 1. Lopez hasn't been shy about how much he idolized the Twins legend while growing up in Venezuela and wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Pablo validated Twins fans after Game 2, sending a message on national television about how the team belongs in the postseason. That validation was paid back ahead of Game 3 when Pablo litreally got to live out a childhood dream and watch his idol throw out a pitch wearing his jersey.

It doesn't get any cooler than that.

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