Watch: Joey Gallo turned one of the craziest double plays you’ll ever see (Video)


Joey Gallo is back, and he’s making things happen both with his bat and his glove.

And his bare hand.

Gallo snapped out of an 0-for-25 slump on Tuesday night during the Minnesota Twins series opener against the San Diego Padres. He turned around and showed off his glove in the field on Wednesday night, making one of the most insane plays of the year so far.

In the first inning of Wednesday’s game, things got both weird and awesome when Manny Machado hit a blooper fly ball into shallow left field. Gallo had to come screaming in to make a sliding catch but the ball popped up into the air when his glove hit the grass. Rather than lose it, Gallo managed to grab the ball out of mid-air with his bare hand.

That in of itself would have made the play one of the more insane moments we’ve seen this year, but like Billy Mays used say wait, there’s more

Machado popped out, but Jake Cronenworth was on first when all of this was happening and took off for second base not knowing Gallo had made the catch. Who could blame him, as the bobble seemed to indicate that either the ball had hit the ground or Gallo hadn’t made the play.

Gallo did make the catch, and after securing the ball in his bare hand he rifled the ball to Alex Kirilloff at first base to double up Cronenworth.

Joey Gallo turns insane bobbling catch double play from outfield (Video)

Hearing about it and trying to picture it is insane enough, but you have to witness it to believe it and truly enjoy it.

Just watch:

Gallo has already won over the hearts of Twins fans after his hot start to the season. He was mashing home runs and fully vindicating himself after his reputation was bruised during his failed stint with the New York Yankees.

Things regressed a bit for Gallo after he got hurt in the Twins home opener series against the Houston Astros, and the he fell into a brutal slump. It appears he has not only snapped out of that at the plate but has John Wick’d and established that he’s thinking he’s back.

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