8 Twins players that are amazing Immaculate Grid guesses

Immaculate Grid has become an online sensation amongst baseball fans. Here are some Twins players that are great guesses when needed.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
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One of the more fun games to pop up on the internet recently has been Immaculate Grid where you get nine guesses to fill in a three by three grid with players that fit each of the corresponding row and column for each spot. Some baseball fans just choose to try and complete it each day while others try to go for the most obscure players they can think of for each spot to boost their rarity scores.

Fortunately for Twins fans, there are a ton of former Minnesota players that are fantastic guesses you can make when you have no idea without blatantly cheating and looking for the answers online.

Immaculate Grid Answers: 8 Minnesota Twins players that are great guesses

To be clear, the goal here is not to help you cheat mercilously at Immaculate Grid. Have some pride, for goodness sakes. The goal here is to give you some Twins options for when you are coming up blank with some gentle nods for when these players could be particularly good guesses. The only hard and fast information you will find here is that all of these players played for the Twins and how many teams they have played for in their careers.

Mike Morgan

Morgan put together a career as a starting pitcher that spanned four decades and if there was a "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon" type baseball game out there, he would be fantastic for that as well. Morgan played for 12 different teams in his career and given that he isn't particularly well-known, he is likely to be a strong play to boost your rarity score.

Rich Hill

Modern examples are more likely to get guessed, but Rich Hill is a great option when all hope appears to be lost as he has seen time with 12 different teams. He doesn't really help with any of the potential awards/career achievement categories, but he does have a large portion of the American League covered.

Fernando Rodney

Journeyman relievers can be really strong guesses to complete a Grid and Fernando Rodney certainly fits the bill as he has tenures with 11 different teams including the Twins. He is a more modern guess which could result in him being guessed more, but he also helps with at least one known awards/career achievement category.

Henry Blanco

Catchers typically don't put together lengthy enough careers to bounce around a bunch given how tough the position is on guys' bodies, but Henry Blanco put together a career that spanned 1997-2013 with 11 different teams. He is a particularly strong guess when you are trying to match up with National League teams.

Bartolo Colon

Everyone's hefty pitcher is a fantastic guess as he played for 10 different teams in his career. His resume is somewhat American League heavy, but he is also quite helpful if you are looking for a guy that has some pitcher-specific career milestones/awards that are a bit tough to come by at times. Bartolo may not be an awesome rarity play with a lot of squares, though, as everyone knows him.

LaTroy Hawkins

Remember the note about journeyman relievers in the Rodney section? Well LaTroy Hawkins is another great option there with the 11 teams on his resume that spanned three decades. He is a nice all-around guess as he saw time with several NL and AL teams, although he is unlikely to help much with statistical milestone/achievement categories.

Tyler Clippard

Modern relievers are more likely to be guessed than guys that played recently, but Tyler Clippard and his 10 teams is still a strong option that won't completely torpedo your rarity score. He has a nice mix of AL and NL experience and got some leaguewide recognition that could come in handy in a pinch as well.

Ken Brett

Ken Brett may be one of the better rarity plays on this list as he played for 10 different teams from 1967-1981. He was reasonably well known especially in the first half of his career, but is still likely to be a relatively rare guess even on the AL team squares where he could be the most helpful.

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