How does MLB All-Star Voting Work? Schedule, Rules & How to vote for the Twins

Everything you need to know to help vote some Minnesota Twins players to the MLB All-Star Game this year.
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Summer hasn't truly arrived until the grass is green, the smell of grills is in the air, and the MLB All-Star Game ballot is getting passed around.

It doesn't feel like Opening Day was that long ago but we're already just a month out from the All-Star Game, which will take place on Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at Globe Life Field in Texas. How well represented the Minnesota Twins are is yet to be determined, and completely up to fans at home to decide.

This season has already been all over the place for the Twins. After limping out to a 7-13 record, Minnesota ripped off a 12-game winning streak that helped get things back on track. Multiple losing streaks of five-or-more games has held the team back from truly breaking out, but the return of Royce Lewis has already invigorated the offense and could be a sign of things to come.

Whether or not he can find his way to the All-Star Game, in addition to some of his other Twins teammates, is yet to be seen.

2024 MLB All-Star Voting Schedule

Sort of like a national election, MLB All-Star Game voting is broken down into two different phases, both of which are important to figuring out the final rosters.


Results revealed (date/time)

Phase One

June 5-June 27

June 27, 6 PM EST

Phase Two

June 30-July 3

July 3, 7 PM EST

The first phase starts on June 5th and runs through June 28th. Think of this phase as the primaries where fans will essentially weed the entire field at each position down to the top-two vote getters. Outfielders have a little more wiggle room as six players will move on to the next phase.

Votes from Phase One will be tallied up on June 29th and the top-two vote getters at each position will advance to Phase Two, which starts the next day. It's pretty straight forward from there, as fans will cast their vote for one of two players at each position in each league to determine the starting lineup.

One thing to note is that the top vote getter in each league automatically earns a starting spot, regardless of position. So, for instance, if Carlos Correa earns the most votes out of any other player in the American League, he's guaranteed to be the starting shortstop for the All-Star Game and won't need to be voted on in Phase Two.

The only thing that fans won't be able to vote on is pitchers and reserves players, as those will be determined by a Player Ballot and announced after the final roster is set.

2024 MLB All-Star Voting Rules

There are a few pretty important rules to follow when casting your ASG ballot. For starters, you'll need an email address in order to sign up for a ballot, which is key because that's how they track your votes to make sure nobody is stuffing the ballot box.

Each email address can vote up to five times in a given 24 hour period during Phase One. After that you won't be able to cast another vote until the next day -- or 24 hours after you cast your first vote. This won't stop anyone from creating multiple emails, but it does mean that going incognito mode won't help you get any extra votes in for Royce Lewis or any other Twins player we're trying to send to Texas this July.

There's a second caveat that kicks in during Phase Two of the process. Only one ballot per day per valid email address is allowed after June 30th, which means you will get a total of four possible votes during Phase Two.

How to Vote for the 2024 MLB All-Star Game

It's easier than ever to vote for the All-Star Game, even if that meant taking away the old school punch hole ballots that got passed out at games. Nowadays fans can simply vote on their phones or tablets using a digital ballot at the official MLB All-Star Game website.

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