Former Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy is causing the weirdest drama with his neighbors

It's like a modern day Field of Dreams, except the neighbors aren't cool with it.
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Baseball is nothing if not romantic about itself. Its history has been immoralized with the poetic waxings of a Ken Burns documentary and movies like Field Of Dreams that conjure up warm fuzzy feelings.

Not everyone is under that spell, though. Specifically, the neighbors of former Minnesota Twins shortstop J.J. Hardy are particularly displeased with how he's trying to make sure he's never far from a baseball diamond.

Hardy, who lives in Chandler, Arizona now, is apparently trying to build a full-size baseball field in his backyard. The idea is straight out of Field of Dreams, and the dreams of every little kid who has ever loved the game. It's not, however, something his neighbors are fond of and it's causing all sorts of drama.

JJ Hardy's neighbors are trying to stop him from building a baseball field in his backyard

"I did not sign up to live next to a baseball field," the neighbor said. "It's like living next to a Top Golf."

To be fair, footage in the news package of what Hardy is trying to build is..a lot. It's by no means outside the scope of what you find at a park, but he's trying to construct his own personal baseball field in the middle of a subdivision.

It's an admittedly cool idea, but it's also objectively problematic.

From the bright lights needed to illuminate the field to the potential for property damage from foul balls, it's not hard to see why Hardy's neighbors are so concerned. It also doesn't sound like Hardy is going about this the proper way, as he apparently is doing all of this construction without the proper permits -- which seems not right.

Either way, one of the biggest crimes in all of this is how the Twins weren't mentioned once in the package when talking about Hardy's MLB past. It's just another painful reminder of how forgettable his tenure with the team was on the heels of one of the more disaapointing trades in franchise history.

Hardy was acquired from the Milwaukee Brewers as part of a deal for Carlos Gomez, who was a major piece in the return package from the New York Mets for Johan Santana. He spent one season in Minnesota before getting traded to Baltimore in what was a revolving door of moves for the team in the 2010s.

Given how much he's ticked off his neighbors, maybe it's best the Twins get left out of this.

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