Former Twins pitcher Jorge Lopez has found a new home, and another chance

Here's to hoping Jorge Lopez can finally bounce back.
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Back in August, needing a few things to truly solidify the roster, the Minnesota Twins elected to not make a move at the trade deadline. It was frustrating for fans at the time, especially since the rationale behind it seemed to be that the front office was playing scared.

It was impossible to look at the inactivity and not think about how a few major trades from the previous year had already blown up in the team's face. Tyler Mahle was already out for the season needing Tommy John surgery, but the biggest dud was laid by Jorge Lopez.

Minnesota traded a package of prospects to Baltimore to land the All-Star closer in an effort to bolster the bullpen. It didn't work, as Lopez took a sharp dive in the opposite direction and never recaptured his magic.

All of this was juxtaposed against increasing bullpen struggles and the ascent of Yennier Cano -- a prospect the Twins traded in the deal who became an All-Star closer last season.

Things got so bad that Lopez needed to step away from the team for his mental health, and he was ultimately traded less than a calendar year after he was acquired. It was a complete disaster, but there's hope that the former Twin can find his footing again.

Ex-Twins pitcher Jorge Lopez signs with Mets

Lopez was traded to the Marlins in July but didn't last long before getting DFA'd and then picked up by the Orioles. It was a strange full-circle moment, but that reunion also didn't last very long.

He wasn't on the Orioles postseason roster and was released after the season. This week his journey took another turn after he agreed to a deal with the New York Mets.

It's only a minor-league deal, but it gives Lopez a chance to potentially get back to the guy he was when Minnesota traded for him back in 2022.

It's impossible to overstate how great Lopez was before he was traded to Minnesota, nor is it easy to stomach just how bad things went. Twins fans ultimately rallied around him when he hit his lowest point and there isn't a soul who isn't rooting for him to bounce back. At some point this became bigger than a trade, and Lopez bouncing back would be one of the most satisfying triumphs of next season.

He needs to work his way back up, but a restart in the minors with the Mets might be exactly what he needs.

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