Watch: Dodgers fans lay into Carlos Correa with relentless ‘cheater’ chant (Video)


Minnesota isn’t a state where fans can bet online yet, but if they could everyone would have made some easy money betting on Carlos Correa getting booed.

This time is wasn’t Twins fans letting him hear it, rather fans at Dodgers Stadium laid into Correa when he stepped into the batter’s box for his first at-bat of Minnesota series in Los Angeles this week.

Few things are as surprising as Correa getting booed by Dodgers fans, something that will probably happen not only everytime he steps foot inside the city limits but almost everywhere he’ll go for the rest of his career.

It’s not even the first time this season that the Houston Astros cheating scandal has come up. Chicago White Sox pitcher Keynan Middleton made things weird earlier this season when he made a desperate attempt to shoehorn a reference to the Astros cheating scandal into a reaction to recording Correa as the last out of a win for the Sox.

Dodgers fans are a little more just in their angst toward Correa. Los Angeles had a front row seat to the cheating scandal back in 2017, and despite winning a World Series in 2020 fans haven’t forgotten.

Dodgers fans serenade Carlos Correa with ‘cheater’ chant (Video)

Before Correa could step into the batter’s box, Dodgers fans were showering him with boos that soon turned into a stadium-wide ‘cheater’ chant.

Apparently Joey Gallo heard it from the boo birds too, but it was obviously Correa who heard it the worst.

We’ve had this conversation before, and will probably have it everytime something like this happens. Twins fans do not need to let opposing fans booing Correa over the Astros scandal get them all worked up. It’s baggage we knew he was carrying wtih him to Minnesota and it’s something we all have to live with.

If anything, Dodgers fans should be sympathized with. They were the victims of one of baseball’s worst and most embarassing scandals and it’s hard to not put yourself in their shoes.

Correa shrugged off Middleton trying to troll him about the cheating scandal, which makes it clear he’s not allowing it to bother him. This is going to happen everywhere he goes, and the scandal will be brought up the closer the Twins get to a World Series and the better Correa plays. It’s best to just accept it for what it is and let it all wash over.

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