Carlos Correa gives latest update on his oblique injury, and it doesn't sound good

After leaving Friday's game, Carlos Correa doesn't sound like a guy who is going to be back soon.
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Friday night was one to forget for the Minnesota Twins, but it's a game that will unfortunately have a lasting impact.

In the third inning Carlos Correa struck out looking but walked back to the dugout wincing and holding his side. He didn't come out for the fourth inning, with Willi Castro taking his spot at shortstop instead.

Soon after it was revealed that Correa had suffered an oblique strain, likely on a defensive play prior to the at-bat which caused Twins fans to once again throw their hands up in frustration. Injuries have ransacked the roster, with Royce Lewis being the biggest loss and now Correa following him tean games later.

Makign matters worse was an 8-2 loss to the Tigers to truly kick Twins fans while they're down. Correa wasn't available to speak to the media after the game, but commented on how he's feeling on Saturday ahead of Minnesota's doubleheader in Detroit.

Carlos Correa gives latest update on his oblique injury

Rocco Baldelli gave a rather bleak update after the loss, bluntly saying that a stint on the IL is an expected outcome from whatever the MRI results end up being. Correa confirmed as much, saying on Saturday that he's not in a crazy amount of pain but the injury isn't playable.

“It’s not crazy, but definitely not playable," Correa said. “What sucks the most is this is the first April in my career that I’ve felt good.”

He also noted that this wasn't a sudden injury, rather something that seems to be a combination of a few different factors.

The Twins called up yet another prospect to replace him. Jair Camargo was one of three players left on the 40-man roster Minnesota could have brought up on such a short notice, and he arrived in Detroit on Saturday.

Losing Correa clouds everything, though, as he's now the sixth important player the Twins have lost from the 26-man roster just 11 games into the season. Brooks Lee and Trevor Larnach are also hurt, which prevents them from getting called up and further complicated matters.

It's starting to look like after a slew of injuries to start the season, the best thing the Twins can do is simply hold on as long as they can to be as close to making a midseason push as possible once everyone comes back. Until then, all fans can do is hope for the best.

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