Mets fans are being weird and dunking on the Twins after Carlos Correa injury

Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins
Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

There were a few surprises in store for Minnesota Twins fans on Monday. One featured a lineup of mostly role players forcing Dylan Cease out of the game after only five innings and nearly beating the White Sox.

The bigger surprise was the reason the lineup was stitched together the way it was. Carlos Correa was originally in the starting lineup but was scratched just hours before first pitch. Back tightness was the reason given for scratching him, with back spasms also being mentioned.

Correa spoke about it before the game, mentioning that he didn't want to take any chances after feeling his back tighten up during Saturday's win over the Astros.

“I should be good in a couple of days,” Correa said. “I want to make sure that I don’t play through it and it gets worse. It shouldn’t be anything to alarm me. (Sunday) was a little more sore. (Monday) it’s been feeling better, so hopefully in the next couple days I can be back in.”

It was a bit of a surprise to see Correa scratched, but it made sense. He's gotten off to a sluggish start to the season, which the rest of the lineup has thankfully been able to account for. Minnesota didn't need Correa's bat to walk-off the Astros on Friday or keep pace with them in a shootout victory on Saturday.

Correa has plenty of time to get right at the plate, but watchful fans elsewhere in baseball are taking this moment -- as well as his slow start -- to validate hurt feelings over being spurned in free agency.

Mets fans tried dunking on the Twins after Carlos Correa injury update

There was some groaning discourse among Twins fans, especially since he was missing the first game against the White Sox this year.

However the loudest voices in the room were booming all the way from Queens. New York Mets fans took time out of the middle of their workday to try and dunk on the Twins after Correa was scratched from Monday's lineup.

Cue the Dr. Evil riiiiiiight meme.

Look, New Yorkers typically aren't used to not getting what they want and when they don't get it will hard pivot to arguing they never wanted it in the first place. The signing of Correa was celebrated when it happened, a Steve Cohen purchase that seemed to further suggest the team was all-in on winning a World Series.

Minnesota stealing a luxury signing away was seen as an embarrassment that is already trying to be erased and re-written.

Mets fans aren't even the right New York fan base to be starting something with the Twins. We should be allies in our mutual dislike for the Yankees. Instead, they're being weird on main and are still upset about Correa burning them over three months ago.

Then again, when you have a negative run differential and a mediocre record maybe there isn't anything better to talk about. The first-place Twins wouldn't know much about that.