Carlos Correa leaves Friday's game vs. Tigers with injury

The Twins just can't catch a break.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins
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As if the Minnesota Twins hadn't already suffered enough bad injury luck, Carlos Correa got added to the heap on Friday night.

The Twins lost Royce Lewis just a few innings into Opening Day with a right quad strain that will keep him out for at least a month. This came after Minnesota started the year with four pitchers on the IL and Anthony DeSlcafani's season already over.

Friday saw another massive blow to the Twins lineup as Correa needed to leave in the third inning after appearing to hurt himself while striking out.

Carlos Correa leaves Friday's game vs. Tigers after hurting himself striking out

It was initially unclear what Correa did, but the fact that he struck out looking and still hurt himself is not exactly promising. The Twins eventually announced that it was a right oblique strain that had forced Correa out of the game.

Correa's injury probably happened a half inning earlier when he made yet another amazing defensive play.

To be fair, it's a cold nigh tin Detroit and not that hard to pull something, but even that is just another sign of how badly things have gone for Minnesota as far as their luck with the injury bug.

The last thing the Twins need is to lose another key piece of the lineup, as the team is simply running out of bodies to put on the 26-man roster. That's an issue they ran into out in the bullpen as Simeon Wodds Richardson was the only healthy non-MLB arm on the 40-man roster after a slew of injuries continued to ravage the unit.

Max Kepler even hit the IL this week, and if Correa needs to spend time there it's not clear who the Twins can call up to fill the hole. Brooks Lee is working his way back from injury and Trevor Larnach is at Fort Myers rehabbing from an injury that held him back at the start of this season as well.

Austin Martin was called up to replace Lewis and the next hottest prospect the Twins have is Emmanuel Rodriguez. He's an outfielder, though, which doesn't really plug the hole left by Correa -- if he misses time -- although it could work in tandem with Willi Castro and Kyle Farmer spending time there.

Hopefully we don't have to cross that bridge, but it's just the TWins bad luck that players are dropping like flies just ten games into the season.

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