Carlos Correa comments on Twins lack of offseason moves

Fans have been speculating about how he feels, and Carlos Correa finally weighed in.
Division Series - Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros - Game Two
Division Series - Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros - Game Two / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

To say it was a quiet offseason for the Minnesota Twins is a tremendous understatement. Joe Pohlad made some noise this week but not exactly the way fans were hoping.

Pohlad spoke to WCCO Radio and confirmed what most Twins fans have feared all offseason.

While comparing the Twins to teams like the Orioles and Rays to justify a low payroll, Pohlad flat out said the team isn't interested in spending big money on a free agent this year.

"What I will say about some flexibility is, when Derek [Falvey] and his team think there is the right opportunity in front of us, we don't live hard and fast by a specific number," Pohlad said. "That said, we're not going to spend $30 million on a player right now."

With a payroll reduced thanks to television rights issues, Minnesota made minimal additions to the roster. Such a thing happening after such a hopeful end to the season -- one that featured the team's deepest postseason run since 2002 -- brought fans back to the painfully frugal days of the early aughts and the feeling of squandered opportunity in the name of saving a buck.

Those comments were the culmination of an offseason full of frustration, as fans have rightfully sounded off on how much they disagree with the lack of movement. With Spring Training in full swing, players are now adding their voice to the conversation.

Carlos Correa comments on Twins lack of offseason moves

Dan Hayes wrote a great piece in The Athletic -- as he does -- that gave some extra texture to the comments made by Pohlad and more importantly gave some perspective from within the clubhouse.

Notably, Carlos Correa's name has been invoked by fans to channel their frustration -- namely questioning how he might feel about the lack of offseason activity -- and he made his feelings very clear.

"You obviously want to have guys with names and pedigrees and guys that have done it before. But at the same time, there’s a lot of young guys out there that can get the job done, and we obviously trust in the guys we have in our farm system," Correa said. “I’ve been around a lot of talented teams. I’m happy where we’re at.”

Fans can usually sniff out a bootlicking comment when they hear one, and this does not seem to be that. Correa established himself as a clubhouse leader in the postseason, reminding everyone with his leadership alone why the team handed him $200 million last winter.

Correa's deal is an example of ownership's willingness to spend when it needs to, which flies in the face of everything that's been tossed at them in the wake of Joe's comments. It's still a bad look for the Twins to have chased the most successful postseason in two decades by pinching pennies, but Correa's comments do ease some of the furstration.

It's also a reminder that any mud slung at the Pohlad's for not spending to improve the team is an unintentional slight at the talent the team already has. Guys still need to prove themselves, but the Twins are set to add players like Austin Martin and Brooks Lee in the MLB roster while getting a full healthy Byron Buxton back.

No one has to defend the lack of spending, but Correa comments are a reminder that nothing is ever won by signings checks in the offseason.

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