Not even the umpiring gods can stand in the way of the Twins winning streak

Bruce Bochy is still furious that the Twins finally caught an umpiring break.
Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins
Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins / Matt Krohn/GettyImages

Memorial Day Weekend is off to a fantastic start for the Minnesota Twins as things seem to finally be breaking their way.

After losing seven straight games, the Twins have rattled off four wins in a row including back-to-back victories over the defending World Series champion Texas Rangers. Those two wins are huge, as they’ve not only helped Minnesota get things back on track and pacing toward 89-wins, but the Rangers are good team even if their record doesn’t show it at the moment.

Minnesota beating them twice in a row certainly doesn’t help the Rangers’ case.

Perhaps the greatest sign that the times are changing was the Twins catching an umpiring break in Saturday’s win over Texas. Edouard Julien was initially ruled out on a foul tip in the seventh inning, but third base umpire Erich Bacchus overruled Laz Diaz’s initial call on the field.

It’s the type of thing that simply hasn’t gone Minnesota’s way this season, and it prompted a tirade from Rangers manager Bruce Bochy that resulted in his ejection.

Not even the umpiring gods can stop the Minnesota Twins right now

Julien ended up walking which significantly altered the flow of the inning. Had the initial call stood, there would have been two outs and Carlos Correa’s sacrafice fly would have been the final out fo the seventh. Instead, it scored a run that ended up being critical in the final score.

Alex Kirilloff hit a three-run homer in the eighth inning to give the Twins a 5–3 lead but it would only have been a one run lead for Minnesota. That’s something Bruce Bochy was still furious about after the game.

"I don't know how you make that call at third base, there's no way he could've seen it enough to overturn it," Bochy said postgame to Bally Sports Southwest. "He was wrong, first of all. That's a shame, it really is."

It was a strange call in the moment, but it’s hard to overstate just how crazy it is that it broke in favor of the Twins. So far this season bad umpiring has plagued Minnesota and hasn’t made the team’s attempts to climb out of holes any easier.

Bochy has a legitimate gripe, but the Twins winning by a pair of runs sort of renders his complaints moot. The real takeaway is that Minnesota is back on a winning streak and not even the umpiring gods can get in the way.

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