Brooks Lee already has one of the coolest home runs of his career

He's played in fewer than 10 games, but Brooks Lee is already turning in some special moments.
Minnesota Twins star rookie Brooks Lee hit the second home run of his career on Wednesday, and it came with a cool story.
Minnesota Twins star rookie Brooks Lee hit the second home run of his career on Wednesday, and it came with a cool story. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

We're less than ten games into the career of Brooks Lee but already he's in conversation with some Minnesota Twins greats.

Through the first six games of his career Lee had 11 hits, which is only three fewer than Kirby Puckett. Every single game he's played in has featured some sort of memorable highlight reel play from Lee, whether it be a defensive stop, a clutch RBI, or a home run.

We saw the latter on Wednesday afternoon in Chicago, and it came packaged with a cool little story -- as if Lee's rise hasn't already been interesting enough.

Brooks Lee's second career home run was almost as cool as his first

Lee hit the first home run of his career at Target Field, which was a special moment in it's own right, but the second carried some context that made it almost just as cool.

In the sixth inning of a doubleheader, Lee blasted a solo home run that sparked a Twins comeback. Adding some extra texture to the moment, the homer was hit off Lee's former college roommate and close friend Drew Thorpe.

As if that wasn't already cool enough, the chaser to Lee's home run was Carlos Correa hitting one in the very next at-bat. As Do-Hyoung Park noted, this is the first time the duo has gone back-to-back but it almost certainly won't be the last.

That's what has been so wonderful about Lee's explosion onto the scene as a rookie. He ascended at an unprescedented pace despite carrying the same weight of expectations on his shoulders as guys ilke Byron Buxton and Royce Lewis did.

It took Lee just two years to reach the majors, and all he's done since arriving is prove all of the hype correct. He has reached base in each of game he's played in, has already recorded his first career home run, has batted in the go-ahead run in extra innings, and has been reliable on defense. Everything you could have asked of Lee has been answered, and he's less than ten games into his caeer.

The Lee lore is growing by the day, and when you toss in cool little angles to impressive moments he's turning in, it's impossible to not get swept up in the hype.

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