Blake Snell's asking price pretty much ends any hope of the Twins making a move

It was a long-shot to begin with, but Blake Snell has priced the Twins out.

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Opening Day is just a few days away, but one of the biggest names of the offseason remains unemployed.

NL Cy Young winner Blake Snell, who began the winter as perhaps the top free agent outside of Shohei Ohtani, still doesn't have a deal, although there seems to be interest growing as the clock ticks louder on the season starting.

When the offseason started Snell, along with Cody Bellinger, were looking for $300 million deals. Bellinger folded a few weeks ago and took a $30 million deal from the Chicago Cubs, while Snell continues to hold out for top dollar.

The longer Snell remains on the market the easier it's been for Minnesota Twins fans to start talking themselves into the team pulling off another free agency miracle. Snell is repped by Scott Boras, who was tossed a life preserver by the Twins last offseason with Carlos Correa.

It was already a remote chance that the Twins were able to land Snell, but his current asking price -- despite the lack of a deal -- pretty much puts an end to the dream.

Blake Snell's asking price pretty much ends any hope of the Twins making a move

According to USA Today's Bob Nightengale, Snell is asking for $33 million AAV which seemingly puts him out of the Twins range.

"Two-time Cy Young winner Blake Snell has informed the Houston Astros that he’s willing to sign a short-term deal to join them, but is seeking at least a two-year guarantee for $66 million, that includes an opt-out after the 2024 season." Nightengale revealed.

That sound you heard was the door slamming shut on the already slim chance of the Twins making a late play for Snell. Joe Pohlad said the teams wouldn't spend $30 million on a free agent and this asking price put Snell even further out of Minnesota's comfort zone.

Snell was always a long shot, but he made sense as exactly what the Twins needed this offseason. Replacing Sony Gray -- specifically his 180-plus innings of work -- is a massive box that remains unchecked, despite how much it was teased. All winter it seemed like the Twins would flip Jorge Polanco for a ton-line starter, but that never happened. To have one fall right into their lap at the last moment would have been a total coup.

It was always a long shot, but it seems it just wasn't meant to be. Even with though the Houston Astros are reportedly the team in the driver's seat to sign him, Snell is holding out for more money. If he's doing that with a team that has even higher World Series odds than the Twins, the chances are his price won't drop low enough for Minnesota to get something done.

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