Best memes and tweets after Emilio Pagan got lit up like a Christmas tree by Dodgers

San Diego Padres v Minnesota Twins
San Diego Padres v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Minnesota Twins fans witnessed the Anchorman 'well that escalated quickly' meme come to life on Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles. After grabbing a 3-2 lead late against the Dodgers, the Twins turned to Emilio Pagan to try and keep things steady.

If you didn't see what happened, you can probably guess.

Pagan loaded the bases, walked in the tying run, and then gave up a grand slam to Dodgers rookie James Outman. The Twins lost 7-3, and it was yet another outing by Pagan where he was lit up like a Christmas tree and ultimately cost Minnesota a win.

This one hurts particularly hard because the Twins were in a position to get a series victory over the Dodgers. It would have marked another incredible turn for the team after a tough opening series loss in which bad umpiring contributed to an extra innings loss.

Ironically, the Twins lost that game on a walk-off bases loaded walk, which essentially bookends a series that Minnesota let get away.

Pagan's meltdown will be the lasting frustration, though, because this isn't the first time Twins fans have ben subjected to a meltdown.

Aaron Gleeman put it in painful perspective, highlighting just how bad Pagan has been for the Twins this year.

Gleeman wasn't the only one pointing out how rough Pagan has been. After giving up the grand slam to Outman and essentially doomed the Twins, fans took to Twitter to let out their rage.

Best memes and tweets from Twins fans reacting to Emilio Pagan meltdown vs. Dodgers

To be fair, this wasn't totally on Pagan even if he very much deserves blame for putting the Twins in a bad spot. Coming back fomr 7-3 isn't an easy thing, but this was yet another instance where the Minnesota offense went ice cold.

The Twins have been struggling to score in general, but are absolutely brutal with runners in scoring position. In the series opener they left the bases loaded with a chance to put the Dodgers away and once again left runners on in the series finale on Wednesday.

Pagan certainly deserves heat, but the Twins offense shouldn't be let off the hook simply because someone did something even worse.

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