5 Twins prospects who could keep the youth movement going next season

More young players could have a big impact on the Twins in 2024.
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Yunior Severino, 2B/3B

One name that has boomed in popularity lately is Yunior Severino. He's been on the Twins top prospects list for a while, but he hasn't been hyped up the same way guys like Royce Lewis, Austin Martin, or Brooks Lee have been. Even Walker Jenkins has gotten more national attention than Severino, but he's quickly becoming a future fan favorite around Twins Territory.

Severino is a 23-year-old power hitter who hit 24 homers in 87 games at Double-A Wichita, which is part of the reason he excited Twins fans who watched the offense struggle so mightily at times last season. Most recently Severino reached Triple-A St. Paul, where he announced himself with an absolute bomb of a home run -- something he did a lot the rest of the season.

His stock has risen even more thanks to guys like Adolis Garcia using power-hitting to carry is team to a World Series. That's a lot to expect out of a guy who has yet to debut in the Majors, but Severino has shown enough to get fans excited about what he might look like as part of the next-wave youth movement.