5 Twins players who could be valuable trade chips this offseason

With a shrinking payroll is shrinking, the Twins have other options to try and build a winning roster.
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Jorge Polanco, 2B

Of the Twins two top players on the trade block, it feels far more likely that Jorge Polanco gets moved this winter. There are reasons trading Max Kepler makes sense, but it's hard to see him getting dealt and not Polanco -- possibly in the same deal.

If positional depth is a reason for trading Kepler, that goes double for Polanco. Minnesota is about to have such an influx of talent that it might push Polanco out of the picture. Guys like Brooks Lee, Austin Martin, and Yunior Severino might take a while to develop but they represent what the future looks like. In the meantime, Minnesota needs to find a way to keep Edouard Julien's bat in the lineup, and being the everyday second baseman seems like the logical way to do that even if his glove could use some work.

This is a situation we've already watched the Twins encounter, as the team played Polanco at third base as a way to keep Julien in the lineup. An injury to Royce Lewis opened up third for Polanco to test, but the results were less than ideal and pretty much boxed him out of the future.

It's a bummer because Polanco is still really good, which makes him an even more valuable trade chip. He has another year of team control on his contract in the form of a club option, which sweetens the deal even more. Polanco checks too many boxes to not be flipped this winter, and the Twins should sell high even if it will be painful to say goodbye to another fan favorite.