5 Twins players who are in danger of losing their 40-man roster spot

Not every player that the Twins have on their 40-man roster is irreplaceable.
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Jose Miranda

Normally, a guy like Jose Miranda would be kept around on the 40-man roster. He can hit a bit, has experience playing multiple spots in the infield, and looked good in his first look at the big leagues in 2022. However, he is the victim of a combination of having a really rough 2023 season and having a lot of competition for an infield roster spot.

In addition to posting a .211/.263/.303 slash line in 152 plate appearances last year on his way to a 57 wRC+, he also wasn't good defensively. Having a glove first or bat first bench infielder is fine, but Miranda couldn't do much of anything last year. With most of the Twins' starting infield locked in and guys like Austin Martin and Yunior Severino also on the 40-man, Miranda is a pretty redundant and underperforming player that could get axed if push came to shove.

Nick Gordon

Finally, we come to the Twins' outfield that is already looking somewhat uncertain given that it sounds like Byron Buxton wants to take the field again. While the outfield group outside of Buxton is somewhat lacking upside especially if they trade Max Kepler, the Twins have a bunch of guys on the 40-man that could interesting this coming season and that makes the path forward for Nick Gordon very tricky.

In his three seasons in the big leagues, Gordon has exactly one season (2022) where he was at least league average at the plate with two duds in there and he has never been an above average defender. The Twins also have Trevor Larnach, Matt Wallner, and Emmanuel Rodriguez all waiting for more playing time while Gordon was basically roster filler in the playoffs. When you combine all of that with the fact that Gordon is the one guy that the Twins could not settle on an arbitration figure with and you have the recipe for a guy whose days could be numbered.

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