5 free agents the Twins should sign after Carlos Santana

Signing Carlos Santana was a great move, but it can't be the last one the Twins make this winter.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Minnesota Twins
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Tommy Pham, OF

There was a solid five minute span during last year's trade deadline where Twins fans went nuts thinking that the team had pulled off a last minute trade for Tommy Pham. He ended up going out west to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but the buzz and the fit for Pham in Minnesota still exists.

Over the last two seasons, Pham slashed .259/.331/.456 against lefties with 28 extra base hits and 15 home runs. He lacks the power that Duvall would provide, but Pham is a much more disciplined hitter at the plate, which makes him a more well-rounded option for Minnesota.

Pham finished the year with a 111 OPS+ in 481 plate appearances, and was a huge trade deadline pickup for the Diamondbacks on their way to reaching the World Series. While he didn't lead the charge in any way for Arizona, Pham was a perfect complimentary piece to the lineup, and it's something that should interest the Twins when it comes to finding platoon depth behind Matt Wallner and Max Kepler.

Corner outfield is where Pham probably fits best, but it also happens to be a spot the Twins need to address. Austin Martin should be able to provide adequate support behind Byron Buxton, and there could be an argument for Trevor Larnach behind Wallner. Just like with Duvall, getting someone in right field feels like a priority, especially if the Twins end up trading Kepler at some point this season and need a reliable option to replace him with.

Right now Minnesota doesn't have that, but Pham seems like he'd be able to step up and fill the role without missing too many beats.