4 Twins prospects at St. Paul giving fans a glimpse into a bright future

A trip to St. Paul proved fruitful as the Twins have some real nice looking prospects at the moment. Let's break down a few of some possible future Twins.
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While the Minnesota Twins have plenty of great players at the Major League level, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to what’s bubbling below the surface.

Royce Lewis made a stop at Triple-A St. Paul recently during his rehab assignment, which prompted many to point out that he was appearing in the same lineup as Brooks Lee. The Twins 2022 first round pick has the hype of being the next great player to be developed in the farm system, and there’s hope that he’ll start having a big impact as soon as this year.

That got us to thinking about just how bright the future for the Twins is when you gaze into the crystal ball that the Saints have on the other side of

4 Twins prospects at St. Paul giving fans a glimpse into a bright future

. Shortstop. player. Brooks Lee. 1. Lee. . Age: 22 | ETA: 2024. Brooks Lee. 2

Brooks looks MLB ready as of yesterday. He's an impressive looking athlete with a thick lower half and core. Smooth mechanics when fielding with an effortless release on his throws. Stayed nicely behind the ball and was on time each at bat. He'll push hard as a September call up and into next season. His speed may push him to 3B, but his arm and mechanics are very capable for the left side of the infield.

Martin. . SS/OF/2B. Age: 24 | ETA: 2023. Austin Martin. player. 2. . Austin Martin. 2

Another impressive looking athlete. He'll likely need another year at AAA as injuries have hampered his ascension. Smooth fielder at 2B with a lean build. He may end up as a super utility player if he were to make the MLB roster as he has the speed and ability to play the outfield. Has some development to do with his power but he's not far off. 

Yunior Serverino. player. 2. Yunior Serverino. . . 2B/3B. Age: 23 | ETA: 2024. Yunior Serverino. 3

:He has made big strides and vaulted up the prospect tree in the 2023. He's searching for a defensive position, moving around the infield, outfield and DH role looking for a home. Should he continue to produce the power numbers the Twins will find a home for his bat. He will likely need to follow up this year's production with a prove it year next season, but he has definitely put himself on the radar moving forward.

player. 2. . . Age: 24 | ETA: 2024. 4. Jair Camargo. Jair Camargo. Jair. Catcher

He was a young strong armed catcher who was added in when the Twins acquired Kenta Maeda. Fast forward a couple years and the Twins now have a legit prospect on their hands moving into the future. Jair showed a quick bat and good timing at the plate. He threw a runner out, displaying a strong arm behind the plate. He will push to make the MLB roster in the next couple seasons and seems to provide valuable depth at the catcher position moving into the future.