4 players the Minnesota Twins should trade and 2 they should keep

The Twins have some options on how to make a deal happen -- and how to avoid potential disaster.
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Twins should trade: Jose Miranda

Minnesota is dealing with logjams at a few different positions, but Jose Miranda got in on the ground floor of getting boxed out of a job with the Twins. There was a ton of promise for him as he came up a few years ago, but injuries have stunted his development and he hasn't made as much of his time in the Majors as others at his position have.

Last year the Twins switched Miranda to third base, with the expectation that he'd settle in as the everyday man there. Instead, he struggled offensively and then got injured, which was compounded by the rise of Royce Lewis as a key piece of the core moving forward. Third base now belongs to Lewis, with Miranda merely being depth there.

Miranda made the move from first base, where he might still have a shot at earning a regular role in the lineup. The logjam at second base might have a ripple effect that takes this scenario out of play for Miranda, though. Edouard Julien needs to be in the lineup, but if Brooks Lee comes up -- or if Austin Martin fills in -- then moving Eddy to first makes sense. The Twins soft launched this idea last year and it's likely they'll return to it again.

That means at both corner infield positions, Miranda is depth. He's a much better player than simply being part of a platoon, which is where his trade value comes in. He might not command a ton of return on his own, but if Minnesota is looking to package players in a deal that lands a top-end starter, they can do worse than throwing in Miranda.

He had a down year, but the sales pitch revolves around how Miranda looked when he was healthy in 2022. He played in 125 games and slashed .268/.325/.426 and batted in 66 runs. There's a lot to build on there, but he just doesn't have a feasible place in the lineup anymore.