4 Minnesota Twins players who should be on trade block before Opening Day

The Twins have more than a few guys who could be shopped before Opening Day rolls around.

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Somewhere there's a wind chime in Minnetonka making more noise than the Minnesota Twins did this offseason. Despite ending a postseason curse that has hung over the team for 19-years, the Twins folded like a cheap poker table when it came to spending money against the potential of lost future revenue due to an uncertain TV deal.

Diamond Sports Group going bankrupt meant the Twins didn't have known television revenue to account for, which means the payroll shrunk. As such, trade chips became the team's most valuable offseason currency but even that didn't start to get spent until the end of January.

Even with a TV deal in place for 2024 -- one that still makes it nearly impossible for fans to watch games -- the Twins are reluctant to spend money. That doesn't mean Minnesota isn't still in possession of some interesting trade chips that should be placed on the table to see if any other teams want to make a deal before Opening Day rolls around.

Twins players who should be on trade block before Opening Day

Jose Miranda, 1B/3B

One of the underrated questions that need to be answered at Spring Training is what the Twins will do with José Miranda.

When he was healthy back in 2022, Miranda slashed .268/.325/.426 and batted in 66 runs in 125 games. If he can bounce back to that level of production he could have value in the Twins lineup, but the problem is that he seems to have been boxed out of a meaningful role in Minnesota.

Injuries ruined his season last year, and knocked him out of what seemed to be a pretty clear path to becoming the team's everyday third baseman. The Twins moved him over from first base the year before, but after he both got hurt and slumped offensively, Royce Lewis took his place and now firmly controls that corner of the infield.

To be fair, the team was always going to have to find a home for Lewis and how easily he fit in at third ended up answering a potentially complicated question. The flip side of that is what to do with Miranda now, and trading him might be the best solution. There's a chance he fits in at first base, but the Twins signed Carlos Santana to platoon with Alex Kirilloff, and both Kyle Farmer and Edouard Julien are expected to spend time there if needed.

So that boxes Miranda out of another potential position.

The sales pitch on him is what he did the year he was healthy and played almost the entire season. He won't return much on his own, but his best value to the Twins might be if he gets packaged with another piece to help improve the roster in some meaningful way.