4 Twins players fighting for their futures ahead of 2024 season

A few guys are fighting for more than just a 26-man roster spot in Spring Training.

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles
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Aaron Sabato

A former first round pick for the Twins, it's looking like the end is nigh for Aaron Sabato. If not the end, it seems he might have reached his ceiling within the organization, something that was pretty much confirmed with another unimpressive trip to Spring Training.

Sabato was among the first eight players Minnesota reassigned as it cuts down the roster, and it's not hard to see why. In just nine at-bats he posted a .111 batting average which is part of the reason he was sent home. He was never really in play for an MLB roster spot but this spring was a disappointment for someone who the team once had high hopes for.

Had he developed a bit more there was certainly a path for Sabato in the majors. Since trading Luis Arraez the situation at first base has been shaky, with Alex Kirilloff's bad injury luck getting in the way of him truly flourishing. The job is still his, but there's a universe where Sabato is potentially in a position to be platooning with him and filling in while he gets healthy.

Instead, Sabato has never made it above Double-A since being drafted back in 2020. He was part of a strange COVID draft class that saw teams unable to truly scout players the way they usually do which is what many are chalking up to the reason for his struggles. He had a 1.015 OPS at Cedar Rapids in 2021 and hit 22 home runs a year later, but he's struggled since then and it might soon be the end of the road.