4 biggest questions Twins need to answer in Spring Training

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Will the Twins sign a right-handed hitting outfielder (and who)?

So much has been made of the frustratingly quiet winter the Twins had. Despite needing to make moves, the team opted to use lost future revenue as a crutch to hardly spend any money on roster improvements, but there's still time to rectify that.

There's also a pretty notable need that must be addressed as well. It doesn't seem like the Twins will be tinkering much with the starting pitching market, so all attention should be turned to finding a right handed hitting outfielder to help fill out depth on the corners.

Minnesota will likely lean on in-house talent to fill depth behind Byron Buxton, but things are a bit different behind Matt Wallner and Max Kepler.

Two names who keep popping up in this conversation are Adam Duvall and Tommy Pham. Both are talented right handed hitters and neither has found work elsewhere in the league yet. Duvall struggles with strikeouts but would provide some nice power to the lineup, while Pham was on the Twins radar at the trade deadline before heading out to Arizona where he helped the Diamondbacks reach the World Series.

While nothing has come of the rumors so far, the market feels like it's starting to settle in the right place to the Twins to make a move. Arizona signed Randal Grichuk to a $2 million deal, worth up to $6 million with incentives, which feels like the type of contract the Twins can feel good about handing to either Duvall or Pham.

Time will tell if the front office feels the same way, but it's worth mentioning that the Twins signed Donovan Solano to a fantastic deal around this time last year.