A year to remember: 4 amazing moments the Twins gave us in 2023

Let's look back at one of the best years in Twins history!
Los Angeles Angels v Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels v Minnesota Twins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Postseason success in Minneapolis

As great as some of the moments during the season were, it's impossible to talk about the Twins season without celebrating what happened in October.

Minnesota finally drew somebody other than the Yankees in the postseason and the Twins made quick work of Toronto by sweeping the series, including winning game two by shutting the Toronto offense out.

This was the first postseason series win for the Twins since 2002 and it ended a 19-year losing streak that had hung over the team like a dark cloud. However, something that stuck out as a nice cherry on top was the voice making the call.

Calling this series for ESPN was Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay, along with former Yankee Alex Rodriguiez. Kay has worked for the YES Network calling Yankees games for many years, calling multiple Yankee series victories over the Twins. However, this time he is calling a slightly different moment. What's unexpectedly cool is that you can hear the excitement in his voice while making the call.

It was one thing to hear Cory Provus make the call on Twins Radio, but hearing a third-party -- and one so deeply connected to the postseason pain -- make the call with such joy was an unexpected plot twist.

A great call from Kay and a great day for Twins Territory!

There were many more great moments that we got to witness during the 2023 year, and it's safe to say that the year will go out with a bang as we hope for even greater things next year.

With that in mind, what better way to bring in the new year than watching Twins closer Jhoan Duran come out of the bullpen and onto the mound. This is an electrifying entrance, and the Twins will bring electricity 2024.


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