A year to remember: 4 amazing moments the Twins gave us in 2023

Let's look back at one of the best years in Twins history!
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Royce Lewis to the history books

Single game moments were fun to experience, but Twins fans also got to live through sustained success from one of the greatest rookie performances in franchise history.

Royce Lewis made history this season, and it was glorious to witness.

Let's not stand on ceremony here, of all the things Lewis did over the course of sixty-six games, hitting five grand slams is where the discussion about his rookie season begins. Lewis passed Alexei Ramirez for most grand slams by a rookie in MLB history, with four of his grand slams coming over the course of 20 games.

It's the shortest span to hit four grand slams in MLB history.

According to ESPN, the previous record was held by Don Mattingly who accomplished the feat in 39 games during the 1987 season, and Travis Hafner in 44 games in 2006.

"I think about the wins that come with [setting the record]. It seems like every time I hit one, we've won the game, so hopefully we can keep doing that and have some other guys hit some too, which would be great," Lewis said after his accomplishment.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli couldn't believe was he was witnessing either.

"I'm absolutely amazed. I've never seen anyone do anything like this in my life on any level," Baldelli said. "I've never seen anyone do that."

Personally, I think that quote sums the season up perfectly for Royce Lewis! Never seen anything like it and the fact that it's only the beginning of his journey makes it even more exciting.