3 Twins moves that could be next after the Jorge Polanco trade

With the Twins trading Jorge Polanco late Monday night, how they follow the move up is going to be fascinating.
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
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Trading Max Kepler is the next logical step for the Twins

Speaking of the Twins outfield, Max Kepler is in a pretty awkward spot going into the 2024 season. The team is very publicly looking for outfield help that can hit, which calls into question how much the team truly believes that Kepler's rising costs should factor into their plans next season. Given that this is the last season he is under contract and the potential return Minnesota could get in a trade for Kepler, now is the time to trade him.

Kepler is a fine player, albeit a flawed one. He can hit for power, draw walks, and has very consistently been a plus defender, especially in right field. The issue is that the limitations of his hit tool (he has hit just .236 in his career) puts a pretty firm cap on how much value he can provide offensively.

For a team that is looking to win the division next year and try to build on the playoff success they finally found last year, moving Kepler is the logical choice. The other Twins name in the trade market, Kyle Farmer, just became a lot more valuable to Minnesota after losing Polanco due to his defensive versatility, and Kepler could be more valuable to another team that could use an experienced outfielder who can defend. Ever since the rumor mill was set in motion, it's always kind of felt like Polanco and Kepler would be a package deal, out the door together.

To make such a trade to make sense, Minnesota would probably have to at least get a pitching prospect that is pretty close to big-league ready. Kepler only has the one year of team control left, so targeting top-100 guys is probably off the table, but he is still a consistent 2-2.5 win player making just $10 million in 2024. The Twins should be able to find a team willing to part with a package they would be happy with, and given where the team is right now, they should definitely try.