3 Twins moves that could be next after the Jorge Polanco trade

With the Twins trading Jorge Polanco late Monday night, how they follow the move up is going to be fascinating.
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages
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The Twins need to try to sign Adam Duvall

One of the big questions in the aftermath of the trade is what do the Twins do with the rest of their offseason regarding their outfield. They did get an high-end outfield prospect in Gabriel Gonzalez in the deal, but he hasn't played above High-A yet and is going to need at least another year or two before he is in the conversation. Given that the Twins really could use at least one right-handed bat who could also play center field, targeting Adam Duvall feels very logical.

While Duvall has battled injuries the last couple of years, he fits Minnesota's needs almost too well. He is a fantastic defender at all three outfield spots (which would provide some flexibility), has consistently been a well above-average hitter over the last five seasons, and he has stretches where he looks like Babe Ruth and can carry an offense. Combine that package with a strong likelihood that he would accept a one- or two-year deal that won't break the bank, and you have a player that is right in the Twins' wheelhouse.

It is pretty remarkable that Duvall is still available in free agency at this point in the offseason. The most recent reporting is that he is currently choosing between the Red Sox and the Angels, but the Twins should make a push for him. Given that the Twins have already said that the cash Seattle sent over in the Polanco deal is going to be re-invested in the 2024 roster, Minnesota could easily make a competitive offer and sell Duvall on the fact that the AL Central is incredibly weak, with the Twins as pretty clear favorites.

If the Twins can pull that off, the pressure is largely off this offseason. If they want to pursue another right-handed bat, they could still do so, with Tommy Pham being the most intriguing option (assuming that he isn't allowed to play fantasy football with anyone else on the roster). If not, they can hope that Byron Buxton can stay healthy and play in the field without having to hang too many of their hopes on him.