3 ripple effects Manuel Margot trade will have on Twins

Trading for Manuel Margot has an impact in a few different corners of the clubhouse.

Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Four
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Adam Duvall, Michael A. Taylor, and Tommy Pham aren't coming to Minnesota

Trading for Manuel Margot is the culmination of the Twins search for right-handed hitting outfield help, but he's not the guy anyone thought would be the answer to that question. In the weeks leading up to the trade, players like Adam Duvall and Tommy Pham were mentioned repeatedly as potential targets, as was former Twins outfielder Michael A. Taylor.

None of those guys will likely be suiting up for Minnesota next season.

An argument could still be made for Duvall or Pham considering they play the corners, but it's still pretty unlikely given the role Margot will play and the cost of bringing him in. Minnesota traded for a $10 million player, but is getting cash back from the Los Angeles Dodgers to help make the deal work, so the team will only be on the hook for $4 million.

That's still an expensive insurance policy to take out on Buxton, and a rather surprising one for a franchise as frugal as the Twins. We're just a week removed from Joe Pohlad saying so definitively that the team won't spend that he might have violated the CBA. Bringing in Margot feels like the last big move of the winter for Minnesota rather than the first in a series of moves that reshape the outfield.

Another part of this puzzle is how everything fits together on the roster. Margot needs a 40-man roster spot, an beyond that will take someone's spot on the Opening Day roster. Minnesota already needs to figure out ways to create space for Austin Martin and potentially Brooks Lee, so adding another outfielder who would require yet another roster spot doesn't seem like something the Twins will entertain.

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