3 reasons why a healthy Alex Kirilloff is crucial for the Twins

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Clarity Regarding the Future

As it stands now, the Twins will soon have several important decisions to make on their young and talented infield. With Correa at short, Miranda at third, Polanco at second, and Kirilloff at first, there aren't any clear openings for prospects Royce Lewis, Brooks Lee, and Edouard Julien to break in.

Royce Lewis deserves a spot on this roster when healthy, no if and or but's about it. Brooks Lee and Edouard Julien both look ready for a shot at the bigs as well after impressive seasons in the minors.

As a result, Kirilloff's health will play a large factor in the Twins' decisions for the future. If Kirilloff proves he can stay healthy and play at a high level, he would likely lock down the first base position for the foreseeable future.

In this scenario, trading Jorge Polanco would likely make the most sense. It would open up an infield spot for the previously mentioned prospects and possibly improve the middle infield defense. Royce Lewis may be asked to play the outfield more as well. Trading one of the prospects at the deadline also may make sense.

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However, if Kirilloff cannot stay healthy, the Twins will have to make a confident decision regarding his future on the team. Miranda would be the most likely candidate to slide over to first.

In this scenario, third base would likely be opened up. The Twins could still trade Polanco if they want to commit to their youth in the infield. Royce Lewis would have a greater chance to play the infield.

A healthy Alex Kirilloff will answer a lot of the Twins' questions regarding the future construct of the team.