3 moves Twins still need to make before Opening Day 2024

There are still a few pretty important things the Twins need to figure out in Spring Training.
Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
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Sign a right-handed hitting outfielder

Let's keep picking at that outfield thread for another moment, because there's a second bullet point to addressing needs there. Finding depth behind Buxton, Kepler, and Wallner is crucial but so is making sure whoever the team adds is a right-handed hitter. Minnesota has been on the prowl for that since the trade deadline last year but has yet to fill the void.

If the Twins are going to add platoon depth, it can't be another lefty.

Adam Duvall and Tommy Pham appear to be the two best options remaining in free agency who fit the bill. Both players have been linked to the Twins recently, which is an encouraging sign.

Duvall was with Boston last season and ended up slashing .247/.303/.531 with 21 homers with 58 RBIs in 92 games. He has experience playing in center but is probably best suited for a corner outfield role. Pham was linked to the Twins ahead of the trade deadline last August, but he ended up going to Arizona where he helped the Diamondbacks reach the World Series.

Pham slashed .259/.331/.456 against lefties with 28 extra base hits and 15 home runs over the last two seasons. He didn't just play the field in Arizona, he spent time at DH as well which adds an extra wrinkle to what he could bring to the Twins.

Finding some platoon depth behind Kepler and Wallner might be something the Twins can do internally, but they lack right-handed hitting options and need to figure out how to rectify that.