3 Minnesota Twins who can still be named to MLB All-Star Game

  • All-Star starters were announced on Thursday
  • Zero Twins players were voted in
  • MLB will announce All-Star pitchers and reserves on Sunday
Minnesota Twins v Atlanta Braves
Minnesota Twins v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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Joe Ryan, SP

Ryan is firmly on the All-Star bubble, but there's a case to be made for him.

His 3.44 ERA is barely outside of the Top 10 among American League pitchers, and his 7.00 K/BB is the second-best in the entire league. He's comfortably the Twins best pitcher behind Gray and has been one the brightest spots for the team this season.

What could hold him back is his 8-5 record, which isn't really his fault. Ryan has consistently pitched great for the Twins, he can't help it if the bats have been mostly quiet during his starts. If we're looking at win totals with Ryan, it's worth mentioning he has the most among Twins pitchers -- better than even Sonny Gray, who seems to be a lock for an All-Star roster spot.

The real question becomes if he's viewed as better than the handful of pitchers between him and Gray? That's more political than analytical, but it could be what ends up working against him the most even if he seems like a borderline All-Star based on what he's done so far this season.