3 free agent pitchers primed for career revivals Twins should target

Few teams like bargain shopping for potential gold like the Twins.
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Frankie Montas, RHP

If you forgot about Frankie Montas, it's because he barely even made a dent in the 2023 season for the Yankees. He spent most of the season on the IL with a shoulder injury, logging just over an inning of work back in September. That's all he mustered up, but it could create a situation the Twins love to try and exploit.

Find someone who loves you as much as the Twins love former Yankees players who flamed out in the Bronx but could revive their careers in Minnesota. There's a long line of former Yankees players, specifically pitchers, who the Twins have brought in hoping they'll tap back into what made them special. Just this past season Minnesota brought in Joey Gallo, who started strong before falling off so bad that he was left off the postseason rosters.

Sonny Gray is a shining example of what the Twins are trying to accomplish, as he came over from the Yankees -- once removed by way of the Reds -- and is a Cy Young finalist. Montas fits a similar bill, as he's shown with his time in Oakland what he's capable of. He finished sixth in Cy Young voting back in 2021 when he logged over 180 innings for the A's and a 3.37 ERA, and went for over 140 innings the next season.

If the Twins are looking to replace Gray's innings, his former teammate is a pretty decent high-reward option.